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Cappuccino Houses in Hawaii


Cappuccinos are one of the most popular varieties of coffee. Cappuccino machines are increasingly becoming a popular fixture in homes, offices and businesses. This has lead to an increase in the number and types of machines available in the market. Here are qualities consumers should take into consideration when buying a cappuccino machine for their home. When we were visiting coffee houses in Hawaii, we used to help us find good cappuccino makers.


How quickly can the machine make drinks? Cappuccino machines are known to save lot of time as compared to other coffee makers. However, this depends on the type of the machine as some require one to spend some time filling the water tanks, tamping and measuring the coffee ground, and frothing the milk.

A good cappuccino machine should make a piping hot espresso in under a minute .Those that automatically adds milk to the coffee and froth can take an additional minute. Trusty Tiger Coffee recommended the DeLonghi Magnifica, which we’ve been quite happy with.


Cleaning a cappuccino machine can be a chore and worse of it, is that it should be done every day so as to keep the machine at its optimum performance level.

Some machines can clean themselves while other cannot. Self- cleaning machines require you to put a special cleaning solution into the machine regularly so as to de-calcify the machine as well as getting rid of the gunk. Some have self cleaning frothers.

The self cleaning machines are better for people who are looking forward to enjoying great cups of coffee with less or no worry about maintenance.

Water supply

Some cappuccino machines come with a removable water tank. The tanks allow people to refill without having to pour water into a hot machine. Others have built-in water tanks which are not as convenient as the removable tanks but still allow you to brew several cups of coffee at a single time.

Great machines feature direct hook up to your home water line enabling you to worry less about filling the water tanks or the amount of water left in the tank.


Before acquiring a cappuccino machine, be sure to know how much it can handle. A great and quality machine should serve you all day long without any malfunction or broken down. Be sure to read product description so as to fully understand what the machine can do.

It’s also important to note that durability goes in hand with cost. Cheap machines can also translate to low quality. Cheap machines require proper, regular maintenance to prevent cases of unprecedented break down which is can inconvenience you.


Large machine can be difficult to store safely due to their weight. They also occupy a lot of space. For example, if the machine cannot fit in a kitchen cabinet, you might consider taking it in the garage where it will be exposed to risks such as rusting, falling or getting knocked over.

If you have less space in your house, consider purchasing compact or small machines that will be easy to store as well as saving on your space.

Ease of use

Some machines are easier to use than others. Some show the users the amount of water they need to brew a specific amount of coffee while others can brew coffee just by pressing few buttons. Others feature a one-cup mode that does all the brewing work.

Acquiring a machine that is easy to use or has several easy to use functions will be more convenient even though it’s at the sacrifice of a higher price.

Number of drinks and flavors offered

Cappuccino machines come in many flavor configurations. Some can also make up to 12 cups of coffee just in a single brewing while others make less than that.

A great cappuccino machine should be in a position to make several different types of coffee beverages, but don’t lose sight of the fact that it should be, first and foremost, the best coffee maker that you can afford. It should be able to make the regular cups of coffee in addition to cappuccino and espresso. It should also brew the number of cups you need at the required time.

Merriman’s in Waimea


We were in Waimea a couple weeks ago. Rob and I spent the morning in a local cafe getting some work done on our laptops, and Cindy and Jenna were spending the day meeting up with some of their friends from college. Since they couldn’t join us, Rob and I decided to go to Merriman’s for lunch. I’ve been there before, and it’s one of my favorite restaurants on the big island. It’s a restaurant that won’t take a lot out of your pocket either, yet it manages to be even better than some of the higher-end restaurants on the island.

It’s located on a rolling hillside in a very picturesque spot. If you’re into photography at all, it’s worth snapping a few pictures of the restaurant and the hill when you visit.

I decided to keep it simple and go with one of my favorite meals at Merriman’s: the half-pound hamburger. They always cook it perfectly, and you can get whatever toppings you want. I always add avocado to mine, because it’s one of my favorite veggies. The burger also comes with a side of potatoes. If you get it for lunch, it only costs $12.

It was Rob’s first time at Merriman’s. He got the Chinese short ribs, which comes with a side of kim chee and rice. I think he enjoyed Merriman’s as much as I did, and we’re planning to visit again next time we’re in Waimea. Next time we’ll need to get Cindy and Jenna to come with us; I don’t think either of them have ever been here. Merriman’s also has a few other locations throughout Hawaii, but I haven’t visited any of the other restaurants yet.

– James

Mama’s Fish House

Mama's Fish House

James had a business meeting on the north shore of Maui, and he brought me along with him. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go, but in retrospect I’m glad I did, because we went to Mama’s Fish House.

It’s rare for James to have business meetings while we’re in Hawaii. The whole point of being a digital nomad is being able to work remotely from anywhere in the world, so his clients usually don’t want to meet in person. James uses his Grasshopper virtual phone number to take care of his business calls from anywhere. I had been bugging him to cut the cord and just get a VOIP phone for a while, and it seems I was right. Since Grasshopper can route his calls pretty much anywhere in the world, he’s reduced the number of business meetings he attends to pretty close to zero.

Anyway, this meeting was an exception because one of his clients was on vacation in Hawaii and wanted to meet up. Mama’s Fish House is located on a small white-sand beach in the city of Paia. It’s a bit out of the way compared to many of the other restaurant hotspots in the area, but I think that’s a good thing. It makes it a lot less noisy than some of the other restaurants in Hawaii.

I think Mama’s Fish House is one of the best restaurants that Maui has to offer. James and I both enjoyed it. For an appetizer, we shared an order of the calimari. It’s been a while since I’ve had good calimari, and this definitely qualified. James and I shared two entrees between us: the Hawaiian Ceviche and the Papa’s Three-Fish Sashimi. I love the way that they infuse the fruity flavors of mango, pineapple, and lime into the fish.

If you’re in Maui and you like seafood, you absolutely have to try Mama’s Fish House. It’s one of my favorite restaurants on the island.

Roy’s Waikiki Beach


As Cindy wrote in her last post, the four of us recently went to Waikiki. While Cindy and James were off somewhere else, Rob and I hit the beach.

Rob wanted to go surfing, and I wanted to lay on the beach, have a drink, and relax for a while. I’m not a big fan of tanning; I tend to get sunburns instead, so I usually slather myself in sunscreen before we hit the beach. In fact, I usually keep Meladerm, a cream for hyperpigmentation, on hand to help lighten my skin if I tan too much. I’m always worried that too much melanin in certain parts of my skin will cause an uneven skin tone.

After we had some fun in the sun, we decided to get some dinner. We visited a restaurant called Roy’s Restaurant on Waikiki Beach while we were there. As the name suggests, it’s right along the beach, which makes it very convenient to grab a bite after a day on the beach. We found that it had very good reviews on Yelp. In fact, it’s one of the top-ranked restaurants in Honolulu. Intrigued, we decided to give it a try.

This restaurant is a little on the expensive side. Many of the entrees are between $30 and $40. Nevertheless, it’s very good. Rob and I split the macadamia-nut crusted shutome, which is a kind of lobster with asparagus, and a very nutty flavor to it. We both highly recommend it.

If you’re visiting Waikiki and want a convenient place to get some food after a day on the beach, Roy’s is a great choice. Next time we’re down there, we’re going to drag Cindy and James with us to Roy’s. Cindy will want to tan on the beach, and James likes to surf too.

I give Roy’s 5 out of 5 stars.

– Jenna


Bird of Paradise


The last time that we were in Waikiki, we stayed at the Hawaii Prince Hotel, which has its own golf course. Rob and Jenna are big golfers, so we decided that it was a nice, convenient place to stay. The hotel itself is a bit pricey, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. It definitely has the “tropical paradise” vibe. You could take a postcard-worthy picture to send to your friends back home without ever leaving the grounds of your hotel. It’s also conveniently located near lots of the fun touristy activities in Waikiki.

After the four of us played a round of golf, we all found are way to the Bird of Paradise Restaurant, which is located on the grounds of the Hawaii Prince Golf Club. It’s a very convenient place to grab a bite to eat before or after you play a round of golf. I would recommend going there after you’re done golfing, because the portions are huge. There’s no way I’d want to play golf after eating here.

One of the nice things about this restaurant is that it doesn’t cost as much as some of the “touristy” restaurants in Waikiki. You can get a nice dinner for $20-$30. It’s not as elegant as what you’ll find inside the Hawaii Prince Hotel itself, but it doesn’t need to be elegant if you’re out playing golf anyway.

Rob highly recommends the Pulehu Steak. I didn’t try it myself, but it looked juicy and delicious. James liked the Roast Turkey. I had a couple bites of his, and I can vouch for its deliciousness. James went into a food coma after we got back to the hotel and slept like a baby. He didn’t even need his anti-snoring devices like Good Morning Snore Solution to sleep through the entire night. Usually he has trouble falling asleep because of his sleep apnea, but not after the turkey!

Jenna and I both had the Mahi Mahi, and we both enjoyed it. Normally I’m not very adventurous when it comes to seafood, but what trip to Waikiki would be complete without some Mahi Mahi? I love to eat it wherever I can find it, because you rarely see it on the menus back on the mainland.

All four of us recommend the Bird of Paradise restaurant, and we plan to go back the next time we’re golfing in Waikiki.